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Thyssing Industrial Supplies is the distributor for CONNEX bushes Australia.

CONNEX Spring Bushings


Engineers and designers will find that CONNEX can provide them with a wealth of experience. This experience will lead to a cost-effective solution to application problems. Our precision products and special alloy material meet the high standards that CONNEX has set. Our plant operates a quality assurance program according to the internationally recognized Standard ISO 9001:2015, distinguishing our products with high quality and precision.

The corrugated slot design of the CONNEX spring bushing provides much higher surface pressure against its housing than conventional straight slotted tension bushings. The radial force in combination with tangential force produced by our unique design provides a much higher seating capability which resembles and interference fit of a solid tubular steel bushing.

CONNEX spring bushings are designed for heavy load bearing applications. CONNEX bushings offer the wear resistant qualities required along with ease of installation and flexibility found in the split bushing design. They are a cost-effective option to solid bushings.


Hardened Steel Jaw Bush

Designed to be a wear part, CONNEX Spring Bushings can keep costly down time to a minimum with its ease of replacement.

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