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Thyssing Industrial Supplies stock a wide range of Bushes, Bearings and Couplings to suit applications for many different industries and applications. Our products are manufactured from premium manufactures ensuring that our products are high end. We stock and supply parts from Industry leading brands, such as GGB Glacier Garlock Bearings , DEVA , Spieth Locknuts and Connex.

Glacier Garlock Bearings (GGB Bearings)

Design partners in reliable tribology, GGB offers globally expertise in polymer coatings, plain bearings and self-lubricating bushings for friction reduction.

DEVA® Maintenance-Free, Self-Lubricating Bearings

In countless industrial application sectors, DEVA has long been indispensable for the production of maintenance-free, self-lubricating sliding bearings.


is a family of high performance, self-lubricating bearing materials.


is a family of high performance, self-lubricating bearing materials.


is a family of high performance, self-lubricating bearing materials.


is a family of high performance, self-lubricating bearing materials.


SPIETH solutions meet the toughest demands with high precision, reduce failure rates and increase machine operating times in areas where conventional products reach their limits. Take advantage of your Spieth connection experts.



In the area of workpiece clamping and tool clamping we could establish a wide product range. Wherever workpieces or tools have to be tightened with high clamping forces, clamping elements by JAKOB are used.



CONNEX spring bushings are designed for heavy load bearing applications. CONNEX bushings offer the wear resistant qualities required along with ease of installation and flexibility found in the split bushing design. They are a cost-effective option to solid bushings.


UKF High Precision Bearings

UKF produce High Precision spindle Bearings. Cartridges are factory assembled sets of Spindle Bearings, preloaded and greased, complete with applicable seals, ready for installation.

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